Wood varnishing

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After carefully sanding the wooden surface with medium sandpaper and dusting it, apply wet on wet 2-3 coats of our BARRIER TRASPARENTE diluted by 40-50% with our thinner DILUENTE N. 5, until the wood does not absorb anymore product. Let it dry for 48 hours and then sand the surface with medium sandpaper (n.120) in order to remove the small wood fibres that the varnish has lifted. It is advisable to hand sand the surface following the natural veins of the wood. Apply 4 coats of EVERGLOSS TRASPARENTE without diluting it; sanding between the coats can be avoided if the coats are applied within few hours from each other. EVERGLOSS varnish has a UVA filter, which protects the colour of the wood and the integrity of the varnish film.

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